With its bold, curved features and a rich plum finish, the Lexington offers a modern twist on a traditional style. Its concave apron design, horseshoe-shaped pedestal base, and pillar-style legs make it a stunning addition to any home game room.

Product Specifications

Primary Specs
Size 8 ft.
Finish Plum
Pockets As Shown
Legs As Shown
Slate 1"
Color Brunswick Green
Cloth Type CONTENDER Woolen Cloth

Product Features

Table Specifications

Table size: 8 ft.
9 ft.
Finish Available: Plum
Leg Options: Unique, Standard
Rail Sights: Mother-of-Pearl
Pocket: Enclosed

Measurements and Weight

Table Size: 8ft. 9ft.
Length: 102 1/16″ 114 1/16″
Width: 58 1/16″ 64 1/16″
Leg Center Length: 67 1/4″ 79 1/4″
Leg Center Width: 35″ 41″

Contender standard features include:

Brunswick Certified Premium Slate
High Performance Nut Plate Construction

*Average weight may vary +/- several pounds for different wood species and leg options.

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