White Gold Crown IV – Limited Edition

What do you get when you take the performance features of our world-class Gold Crown IV billiard table and combine them with a sleek, contemporary finish? The Limited-Edition White Gold Crown IV, the only Brunswick table ever created with white laminate for a look that’s part retro and part modern. A leading choice of professional players around the world, the White Gold Crown IV has bronze corner castings, large capacity drop pockets. If you appreciate traditional Brunswick craftsmanship with a decidedly modern twist…you’re destined to own the White Gold Crown IV.

Product Specifications

Primary Specs
Size 8 ft. Pro (106-3/8L x 60-3/8)
Finish White with Bronze Corner Castings
Pockets As Shown
Legs As Shown
Slate 1"
Color Brunswick Green
Cloth Type CONTENDER Woolen Cloth

Product Features

Table size: 9 ft.
Finishes Available: Mahogany with nickel trim
Matte Black with nickel trim
Leg Options: Standard (as shown)
Rail Sights: Round
Pocket: Gully Return or Drop Pockets available

Base Frame Construction

Interior Style

  • The Gold Crown V base frame is the standard in the industry for beefy commercial grade base frames.
  • Made from selected hardwoods, this base frame is 3.5″ thick
  • Assembled using high-torque bolted construction providing a strong and sturdy base
  • Prior to leaving the manufacturing plant, each Gold Crown V base frame component is numbered after the complete unit is assembled, planed to precise flatness and disassembled. The base frame is also stained and sealed to minimize wood movement.

Matching Cue Rack:

Gold Crown™ Wall Rack

Brunswick standard features include:

Brunswick Certified Premium Slate
High Performance Nut Plate Construction
Super Speed Cushions

Additional Features

  • Large capacity drop pockets hold up to 10 balls per pocket
  • Flush rail castings and pockets offer a smooth, sleek rail during play
  • Patented slate levelers, twenty-two of them, are built into the base frame, which eliminates the need for shimming.
  • Quick Set Foot Plates® provide quick and easy leveling. Patented by Brunswick.

Gold Crown V Tournament edition table:

  • Available in nine-foot mahogany with nickel trim version only
  • Features longer rails which result in tighter pockets. Corner pocket 4.5″-4.625″. Side pocket 5.0″-5.125″.
  • Engineered to strict World Pool-Billiard Association specifications

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